October 3, 2009

Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters

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Introducing the 'Purdie Shuffle'. Studio great Bernard Purdie pioneered this half-time shuffle feel that would later be adopted by John Bonham and Jeff Porcaro. Purdie has kept the bass drum pattern simple and incorporated an open hihat into the shuffle pattern.

Check out Bonham and Porcaro's take on the half-time shuffle here.

Check out the hysterical Bernard Purdie demonstrating and (not really?) explaining his approach to his unique shuffle below.


sid said...

Very cool...I'm gonna try this out. On every quarter note, you show both a strike on a closed hi-hat and a foot closing the hi-hat. Does he sort of do that simultaneously to give it some movement, or something?

SheDrummer said...


Check out the above vid dedicated to Groove Library. Lisa V.

Groove Library said...

Thank you so much for your support Lisa V.

It's great knowing that you enjoy my blog and I really appreciate your efforts in trying to spread the word for me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi i'm looking for the drum part of look sharp,one moretime and instant nash from joe jackson thank's to posted