January 7, 2008

Herbie Hancock - Palm Grease

Please click image to view larger version.

I think this is a 'Must Know' groove for all drummers, it's a classic. From legendary jazz fusion pianist Herbie Hancock's 1974 Thrust record, Mike Clark opens the tune by laying down this wonderfully syncopated funk/fusion groove.



Jim said...

dude, this is the greatest site ever. this one has me stumped on the 2nd bar though. im not the best at reading music. in the first block, its obvious 16th notes. in the 2nd block, looks like it starts out with a triplet. how do i count? i e and? also, the rest. doe it fall on the 2nd quarter note? and im assuming that the snare hit, is on the and of 2, and then a rest on 3, is how im reading this. the last 2 notes are on the and of 3, and the and of 4. i probably have it all screwed up. im sure im not the only one. could someone please explain that 2nd block to me, it sure would help. thanks!

Brian Dunne said...

This one threw me for a minute as well, and since others may stumble across this I'll explain a year late. The 3rd note of the second bar is an eighth note, so that eighth rest actually falls right on the 2. This puts the snare on the and-of-2, open hat on and-of-3, and snare/step on and-of-4.

Since these notes aren't sustained like they might be on a piano, this notation can be a little confusing. I think writing all 16th notes and throwing in a 16th rest for that 1e+a may be clearer if less classically correct notation.