January 10, 2008

The Meters - Live Wire

Please click image to view larger version.

The Meters are one of my favourite bands of all time because they take two of my favourite genres, funk and New Orleans creole music, and fuse them together into some of the grooviest, most rhythmic music ever recorded. This tune is a killer to play, due to Zigoboo's feel and the tempo (about quarters = 115bpm). If you are going to play this groove, I strongly recommend you hunt down the recording and get your head around the New Orleans pseudo swing feel that The Meters play so well. If you haven't listened to this style of music before, chances are you will miss the whole vibe of this groove. Check it out and have fun with it.

For more of The Meters and Zigaboo, check out Cissy Strut and Just Kissed My Baby.


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