September 15, 2008

Latin - Cascara

Please click image to view larger version.

When playing latin music on drum kit we are essentially aiming to replicate as much as possible (or musically necessary) the sound of a latin percussion section. Traditionally the cascara pattern, notated above on the top line of the staff, would be played on the shell of a timbale. So to imitate this we can play the pattern on the shell of a floor tom. Similarly we will recreate the sound of the clave by playing the clave pattern as cross-stick notes. The bass drum pattern is based on a pattern often played by the upright bass. These grooves should be practiced in both son and rumba claves (as notated), aswell as in both 3-2 clave (as notated) and 2-3 clave. "3-2 clave" means you are playing the clave with 3 notes in the first bar and 2 in the second. So in order to practice the patterns above in 2-3 clave, start the pattern with the second bar.

Check out some latin music to get a feel for how the cascara and clave sit within the music. Tito Puente, Ray Barretto and Poncho Sanchez are good artists to start listening to.

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