December 7, 2007

Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

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I thought it fitting to kick off this site with one of most unique and most talked about drum grooves in history. This one comes from 1975's Still Crazy After All These Years and the way Steve Gadd lays it down is unbelievable. If you haven't checked out this song, do yourself a favor and hunt it down. Enjoy!

If you are interested in Steve Gadd's playing I would highly recommend checking out his book Steve Gadd Up Close. It contains heaps of great transcriptions including two full solo's, Crazy Army and The Solo.

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Ben Milli said...

I just wanted to add that these drums have been used in at least 3 hip hop songs (Eminem - Murder Murder, Common - Forever Begins, & Kid Kudi - 50 ways to make a record)And each of those tracks were instant hits. Mainly from the drums alone. just a unique and easily identifiable drum sequence. love it!!!